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We are a leading Watch Manufacturer Serving International Watch Brands

With 15 years of experience, we have driven a series of high value projects spanning the whole spectrum of watchmaking, being our specialty automatic and mechanical timepieces.

At WatchMKR, these sophisticated time-keeping mechanisms, benefit from the attention of competent hands faithful to traditional craftmanship and watchmaking principles, while taking advantage of the latest information technology available.

having a watchmaker at your side

Working with us as been described by our clients as to Having a Watchmaker at Your SideTM, every step of the way.

Our management is a blend of western and eastern talents allowing us to have an international mindset while being able to go deep into details with the local watch components supply chain, based in Shenzhen, China.

Supported by a sales office in Hong Kong, we operate manufacturing facilities in China, Switzerland, and Japan, allowing us to deliver Asia or Swiss Made watches.

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Why Choose Us

watch manufacturer we seek your success

We Seek Your Success Foremost

At WatchMKR, we are strong believers that the achievements of our clients translate into our own success. From idea to implementation, we place you at the center of our decision making.
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watch manufacturer our main focus is quality

Our Main Focus is Quality

The difference between a great watch and an average watch resides in a continuous attention to detail and quality, from concept to implementation.
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We Make Carefully Handcrafted Timepieces

At WatchMKR, mechanical and quartz watches equally benefit from experienced and competent hands faithful to traditional horology principles and techniques, supported with innovative 21st-century tools.
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watch manufacturer we put information at your fingertips

We Put The Crucial Information at Your Fingertips

The WatchMKR CloudTM offers instant benefits and unparalleled results, taking advantages of lean manufacturing best practices combined with micro-manufacturing capabilities.
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Hands-on Watchmaking Experience

See What Our Clients Are Saying

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  • “Our first ever watch project was done in cooperation with WatchMKR. The experience has always been hassle free, from concept to having the actual timepiece in our warehouse. We've been working together for over a decade and they have our total trust.”
    Gonzalo Colomer
    Colomer & Sons
  • “WatchMKR was one of our most trusted partners when we started our journey, one that I can truly recommend. When I started my brand they were the first ones to believe in it and to help me make it happen. They were crucial in improving our product, and always willing to mentor. I strongly believe a team with their support is much better off.”
    Dario Spallone
    D1 Milano
  • “Being a jeweler, we thought watches were a simple product to add to our collection. Were we wrong? We are so glad we were introduced to WatchMKR! They did all the heavy lifting without breaking a sweat. ”
    Walter Klemme
    Moon Magic