Established Watch Manufacturer

WatchMKR is a professional watch manufacturer with more than 15 years of watchmaking experience. With manufacturing site in Switzerland and Shenzhen, South China, we have the operational flexibility to provide China and Swiss Made Watches.

Our watch producing facilities in China, under the management of a mix of local and western talents, meet uncompromising quality and ethical standards with master watchmakers and workers being educated and highly skilled.

Our 3-story building houses a 150 square meters dust free room, a laboratory, a prototyping room, and a dedicated space for mechanical watches assembly completed and backed by the essential departments for Design, Procurement, HR, Finance, Quality Insurance and Warehousing.

Whether you want to make ceramic or stainless-steel watches using quartz or mechanical movements, WatchMKR has the expertise and resources to provide you the end-to-end timepiece manufacturing solution you need for success.

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A Manufacturer of Watches Proficient in Design and Engineering with Branding Acumen

At WatchMKR, as we learned from experience, we are convinced that to make great wristwatches you need stunning designs and flawless engineering.

We maintain close training and synergies between our design and engineering departments to ensure our creative team design timepieces that make sense from an engineering perspective and that our engineers understand every aesthetic and cosmetic aspects of a design.

From your idea to sketches, then 2D and 3D designs and finally technical drawings and production, we have the skilled designers and experienced engineers to give life to the watch concept your brand need.

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Mass & Just-in-Time Watch Production

Our clients can benefit from the highest flexibility with our two production solutions: mass and just-in- time Production.

Mass or batch production, the common practice in watch industry, is a finite order of watches that will be designed and assembled over a lead-time of 3 to 4 months*.

While common in electronic or car industry, just-in-time is relatively new in the world of watch manufacturers. Powered by IT and based on an inventory of components with a micro-manufacturing strategy, after a 4 to 5 months set-up stage, this watchmaking procurement system allows delivery in 2 weeks anywhere in the world.

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* FOB Hong Kong for China Made set-up and FOB Swiss Factory for Swiss Made. Transportation time and cost need to be taken into account for other delivery locations.

Marketing and Extra-Services for Watch Brands

To support our clients, we have developed extra services including comprehensive packaging and visual creations solutions.

A watch is never complete without an appropriate packaging set to adorn it and offer a first-class unboxing experience. With comprehensive experience and know-how, we can provide turn-key packaging solutions.

Over the past few years photorealistic 3D rendering and product photography, have become powerful tools for marketing, social media and e-commerce. As our seasoned team will take care of 2D and 3D design for validation and technical needs, to go the extra mile with photorealistic 3D rendering and detailed pictures of your timepieces being assembled are services our clients can enjoy offering an immersive experience to their audience.

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