"Watch packaging is more than just a box."
Daniel Bolullo — Head of Design
luxury premium watch packaging

From the watch box to the warranty card

Nowadays with the multiplication of the sales outlets from retail stores and travel retail to e-commerce and specific needs like eco-friendly, watch packaging needs to be versatile and more than just a box.

Packaging for watches is often forgotten while it’s a critical element of the mix marketing of a brand. From innovative material like carbon fiber or recycled materials to the more traditional cork or wood box or the leather travel pouch, we have the know-how to design and the supplier network to manufacture a complete packaging solution from the warranty card to the user manual and the box.

Our goal is to offer our customer the best performance and cost ratio while having the satisfaction of designing a packaging that make sense for the final user.

travel leather pouch for watches

Canvas and Leather Travel Pouch

Canvas or bamboo fabric if sourced responsibly can be raw materials of choice to offer elegant, simple and yet cost-effective packaging.

Among our specialties we have the classic leather pouch or travel sleeves. Whether Italian or vegetable tanned, leather is the material of choice for luxury watches packaging.