Why Choose Us As Your Manufacturing Partner?

The answer can be found in our motto: Have a Watchmaker at Your SideTM

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We are an Established Watch Manufacturer

Proficient in Design & Engineering but also with Branding Acumen

With more than 15 years of experience manufacturing timepieces, we known that to make a great wristwatch you not only need stunning designs and flawless engineering, but also a deep understanding on how marketing works in today's competitive landscape.

We believe in staying curious and humble, so we will not say we have seen it all and you are welcome to challenge us and fuel our innovation spirit.

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Every action we take is driven by the needs of our clients.

We Mind Your Success

At WatchMKR, we are strong believers that the achievements of our clients translate into our own success. From idea to implementation, we place you at the center of our decision making.

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We Care about Details and Focus on Quality

“The devil is in the details” applies perfectly to the watch industry.

The difference between a great watch and an average watch will resides in this continuous attention to details and quality from concept to design and then during the whole manufacturing process from prototyping to mass-producing.

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High standards and maximum quality and durability guaranteed.

We Make Carefully Handcrafted Timepieces

At WatchMKR, mechanical and quartz watches equally benefit from experienced and competent hands faithful to traditional horology principles and techniques, supported with innovative 21st-century tools.

Our proficient engineers, creative design team, and master watchmakers with years of craftmanship, complement each other flawlessly in a process in which every aspect is "watched on"!

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