Our satisfied customers say it best.

  • “WatchMKR was one of our most trusted partners when we started our journey, one that I can truly recommend. When I started my brand they were the first ones to believe in it and to help me make it happen. They were crucial in improving our product, and always willing to mentor. I strongly believe a team with their support is much better off.”
    Dario Spallone
    D1 Milano
  • “Our first ever watch project was done in cooperation with WatchMKR. The experience has always been hassle free, from concept to having the actual timepiece in our warehouse. We've been working together for over a decade and they have our total trust.”
    Gonzalo Colomer
    Colomer & Sons
  • “Straight to the point, creative yet business focused, are the first things that comes to me when I think about our working experience with WatchMKR. With have been partnering with them for over than 10 years. ”
    Monica C.
    BG Watches
  • “Being a jeweler, we thought watches were a simple product to add to our collection. Were we wrong? We are so glad we were introduced to WatchMKR! They did all the heavy lifting without breaking a sweat. ”
    Walter Klemme
    Moon Magic

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