"The WatchMKR Cloud allows you to take the pulse of your watch business 24/7 from anywhere in the world."
L. Ros — Head of Tech
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Infotech Applied to Watchmaking

At WatchMKR, we felt the watch industry had to evolve and adopt on-demand and lean manufacturing techniques where better watches are built faster with less waste.

While in our everyday life, information technology is ever-present and many industries like car and smartphone manufacturing are taking advantage of it, in watch industry this is a relatively new field.

Merchandising is when a watch brand has the ability to address markets and customer demographics with highly specific watches and low minimum order quantities (MOQ.)

How do you achieve that? With On-Demand Cloud Powered MicroManufacturing.

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Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning

For business generating at least $500k USD yearly turnover, WatckMKR can set up a complete watch manufacturing solution where watches are made on demand with the support of the in-house cloud-based production system.

The WatchMKR Cloud offers instant benefits and unparalleled results, taking advantages of just-in-time and lean manufacturing best practices combined with micro-manufacturing and micro-merchandising capabilities.

The WatchMKR Cloud is an online solution that allows you to super-charge your watch brand production. You will go to market faster while significantly increasing your profitability and cash-flow.

The WatchMKR Cloud is available 24/7 from any device (desktop, mobile, tablet)

Master Your Inventory
You always have access to your current inventory with all level of detail so you can make decisions fast. Make new models instantly with our watch configurator. Build catalogs on demand.

Place Orders Instantly
You can browse your products from any device and place new orders with just a few clicks. You receive instant alerts from the moment the orders are reviewed to when they ship.

Knowledge Is Power
You will be informed in real time on how your costs are allocated. Don't let unused components sit dormant in the warehouse when you can produce new models on demand and launch them.